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December 7, 2015

Review: Landon by Scarlett Edwards (writing as E.A. Knight)

Can one night change your life? I never thought so.

But can one night with the right man change everything?

I am about to find out...

Fearful of exposing the secret she's been hiding for years, Celeste Adams never lets feelings seep into her relationships with men. But when one sinful night introduces her to a gorgeous stranger she cannot simply forget, her resolve to remain unattached is threatened...

She resists the temptation to seek out more, while forging ahead plans to recreate herself as a graduate student at the University of Chicago. And she does just fine, until that very same stranger waltzes back into her life as the very sexy, and very unattainable...

Professor James Landon.

... Suddenly our lives are thrown together on a collision course of the deepest passions. Neither of us know how far this will lead. How powerful these feelings will become.

Or, that our love is doomed from the very start.

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Review by April

ARC received for an honest review

5 Unexpected Stars


I'm not quite sure where to begin aside from the fact that I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!
I'm such a sucker for a student/teacher storyline. The tabooness of it all just sucks me in and consumes me.

"I'm Celeste. I'm not exactly innocent, but I'm not entirely a slut, either."

With an opening line that?! Hook. Line. Sinker. I knew Landon was going to rock my world! Little did I know, it would also crush my heart and completely gut me. Landon is NOT your typical student/teacher story line. Sure, there's A LOT of scorching HOT Sex..omg it's just...fucktastic!! *fans self* but what I loved most about this story were the unexpected twists and turns that knocked me on my ass, left me reeling with tears streaming down my face.

It's not light and fluffy. It's a fast paced roller coaster ride of heart wrenching epicness...never knowing what lies in waiting on the next page.

"You deal with the cards handed to you. if you spend your days longing for the -what if-, your whole life will pass you by in a blur of pity and regret."

What started as a one night stand slowly transitions into one of the best love stories I have ever read! This is a book that needs to be experienced and absorbed. A top read of 2015 and one that I'd die to read again for the first time.

"Because I love you." he whispers.

Sobbing mess!!!!