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October 15, 2015

Review: A Kindled Winter by Rachel L. Demeter

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” — Dale Evans

A week before Christmas, Jeseca Reed sets off for Blue River, Oregon—her childhood home and a vault of tender memories. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when she’s left stranded in the mountains’ vast, untamed wilderness. Desperate and alone, she seeks shelter at a cottage and finds herself in the arms of a mysterious stranger.

Dr. David Drake was once a renowned cardiovascular surgeon. But a devastating tragedy has left him scarred both inside and out, unable to use his hands to operate again. For the past five years, his Blue River cottage has been his sole escape—a safe haven where he can shut out the world, bury himself in his grief, and reunite with his son’s memory.

Together they are summer and winter. Fire and ice. And yet a poignant connection forms between them. Jeseca awakens David and thaws his heart with a romance hot enough to melt snow. But before David and Jeseca can fully embrace each other, they must wade through darkness and confront the ghosts of their pasts …

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Review by Amanda

ARC received for an honest review 

Absolutely loved this! It was short sweet and to the point! Everything was described in such detail it wasn't hard to imagine yourself right there with the characters... Speaking of the characters I loved them! I loved how they had an insta connection and how their love blossomed! I love how she's sees through him and sees the good guy within! Their grief is almost palpable, it's like you are experiencing it with them! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well written, short, emotional read!