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June 25, 2016

Boxset Tour: The Voice Triology by Noelle Bodhaine

Noelle’s Projects:
Title: Whisper (The Voice Trilogy Book 1)
Author: Noelle Bodhaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Sophie stumbles into Rhys' world she is a mere whisper of herself. A shell, broken and battered by loss and neglect. A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs. What she gets is a sexy alpha male with a mysterious past, a reputation beyond measure and a need for control. Gambling with one's heart is a dangerous affair and everybody knows you don't walk away from the table when you are winning.

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Title: Speak (The Voice Trilogy Book 2)
Author: Noelle Bodhaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rhys is everything Sophie never knew she wanted, until he lets her down. With a broken heart in tow she leaves him in the dust and starts over only to find herself a shell of who she had become, no longer satisfied by who she was. 

When Sophie cuts him off, Rhys is a shell. Wanting what he cannot have, he must prove to Sophie that he has changed. But when the moment comes will he speak up? Can Rhys overcome the ghosts of Sophie's past? Can Sophie forgive Rhys his past sins? 
Find out in the second installment of The Voice Trilogy…a story of self discovery, profound change, and a love that must be written in the stars.

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Title: Shout (The Voice Trilogy Book 3)
Author: Noelle Bodhaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Third Installment of The Voice Trilogy. 
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Title: The Voice Trilogy Boxset (The Complete Voice Trilogy)
Author: Noelle Bodhaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Title: One Last Cigarette: Part of the Riverwalk Collection with Al Daltrey
Author: Noelle Bodhaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The concept behind this book involves female writers bringing to life stories that stem from one male Dom. True collaborations. (Similar to a ‘Duets’ album). Intentionally, a range of female authors were approached. Some are established and successful; while others were previously unpublished. Each writer brought her flare, her style, and her talent to the project. The subtle connection linking the stories relates to the famous River Walk in San Antonio Texas. 

The Power of a Woman (Gina Whitney). Our demons were made for each other. Our facades mean nothing when it's just me and you. Sin from thy lips. Trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again and again. A modern day Romeo and Juliet meets Sopranos. 

Spanked! (Lena Black). Recent college graduate Mila Petrov needed money to repay endless school loans. How far would she be willing to go when she meets a handsome doctor with a dark side and a mysterious machine? 

Hostage Situation (Julie Jaret). Locked in the vault during a robbery gone wrong, a bank teller, Kate Watson, explores her boundaries with the sexy new security guard. 

Un-cashed Cheque. (Melissa Asleson). The road of self-discovery can be long, but for Macy Seduva, an unplanned detour could actually be the most effective route. 

The Discover Ring (Rosemary Willhide). All wedding planner, Sylvie Hancock, wants is to marry her long time boyfriend. In her quest for an engagement ring, she discovers an unexpected desire simmering deep within. 

One Last Cigarette (Noelle Bodhaine). We all have three lives: public, private and secret. Jackie’s secret is her vice, in private she longs for more, in public she is happy. When someone’s virtue pulls her in, will her vice push him away? 

Through The Ages. (Jen Lassalle Edwards). An older submissive, Libby Simms, befriends her nurse, while ill in the hospital. She shares the story of her life, including her deepest secrets. 

First Journey, Second Thoughts (Ali Reynolds). A young woman meets an online Master. While their relationship deepens, there is mystery - as things are not always as they seem. 

Three Wishes (Tiffany Huegele). A husband grants his wife, Amelia Hopkins, three wishes. She in turn, grants him one. Will she play it safe or step out of her comfort zone? 

Love’s Notion (Jaycee Daltrey). Vivian returns to her hometown and stumbles across a picture of her teenage crush. Unable to squash her curiosity, she decides to stalk him. She knows it's wrong, yet can't help but play with fire.

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**Coming 2016**
The Curve
Orions Daughters
~Dates to be announced.~

Author Bio:

Welcome to Noelle’s world where creativity and filth co-mingle and make for a delightful cocktail to intoxicate your senses and fill your time. Classically trained in the art of procrastination, seduction, and distraction. I’m a lover of all things creative...books, movies, music, cooking, and art. A history nerd to my core and avid student of powerful She wolves that have shaped our modern history. I like to watch old movies when it rains, and listen to dry satirical podcasts when I cook. I make a mean Old Fashioned and love the smell of cigar smoke and old leather. I write about men I want to love and places I want to go. My laptop has become like an appendage, as I never know when something deliciously dirty may pop in this crazy head. I do my dreaming at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, surrounded by handsome young men who do not pick up their laundry.

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or @noellebodhaine

or @noellebodhaine

June 23, 2015

Who Wrote that Book Wednesday: Noelle Bodhaine

When Sophie stumbles into Rhys' world she is mere whisper of herself. A shell broken and battered by loss and neglect. A weekend away and time with friends is what she needs. What she gets is a sexy alpha male with a mysterious past, a reputation beyond measure and a need for control. Gambling with one's heart is a dangerous affair and everybody knows you don't walk away from the table when you are winning.

Purchase Whisper on Amazon
Purchase Speak (book two) on Amazon

Noelle Bodhaine loves all things creative: books, movies, music, cooking and art. The daughter of a jewelry designer, Noelle is an avid all-things Doris Day movie watcher and has been known to swoon over Cary Grant. By day Noelle is a taxi-mom to two active school-aged boys and wife to a supportive husband, who has had to share Noelle with book boyfriend Rhys. Noelle's laptop goes everywhere she goes, as she never knows when a character may have something to say!
Noelle and her family reside in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
WHISPER is the first book of the Voice Trilogy.


-Do you have a quirky thing you do when you are writing?
No quirks really, but the smut seems to flow better when Im in a public setting like the library or the park and I get all flushed and type a million miles an hour like a woman possessed.

-What is one thing that people do not know about you?
I should have been a race car driver

-What is one thing that you want people to know about you?
I'm terribly shy
-How do get ideas for your books?
The ideas come from many places. My own longing, a song, a picture. Inspiration is everywhere!

-What do you think people will love most about this book?
I think or hope my books have a welcome combination of love, lust and humor. I also like a little romance and try to write unique characters.

-Who is THE ONE Author that makes you fangirl?
Chloe Thurlow

-What is your most favorite book that you have read?
I definitely don’t have a favorite. I love non-fiction and classics. But the first book that came to mind was the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. Loved that book!!
-What television shows do you watch the most?
Oh no!! This could get crazy! I am a TV junkie and an insomniac and I have varied tastes. I am addicted to the food network..always have been. I know Im supposed to be a Chopped Champion! Love GOT and all those premium shows. The most recent show to make me fall out laughing has been Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

-Name one thing in your life that you would like to do that you haven’t done.

-What are the top 3 items on your bucket list?
Eat my way across the world and back again

-How do you determine the cities, states etc. where your book takes place at?
My stories take place either in a place Im familiar with or the places I long to go.
-Who is the person that has influence you the most in your life?
My Mimi and Papa
-What is your favorite movie of all time?
To Catch a Thief
-Cat or dog
I love cats and dogs
-What is your favorite genre of music to listen to?
I listen to a lot of folk, older Rock, tributes to my youth…it all depends on mood.

-If you had to play a theme song each morning what would it be?
Some  David Bowie  

Noelle loves to hear from her readers!
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September 26, 2014

Review of Whisper by Noelle Bodhaine

WHISPER (Book 1 of the Voice Trilogy)WHISPER by Noelle Bodhaine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Dawn

Can I just say I love taking chances on new authors because, 90% of the time, I find another to love.This is Noelle's debut novel and it's freaking awesome!  It's got drama, action, emotion and hot, steamy sex. 

Let's talk about Mr. Rhys Slate...WOW!  A tall, lean, alpha male with dark hair, green eyes and a little chest hair. Hello hotness!!  Rhys is a man who knows what he likes and can get what he wants.  He has his eyes set on Sohpie, a shy, naive, laid back 24 yr old who is attending his brother's wedding.  Rhys comes off as cocky, but there's chemistry between he and Sophie that neither can back away from.  What happens when the weekend is over and they have to go their separate ways? 

There was jealousy, ups and downs, beautiful romantic moments and unsure feelings going on.  I loved both characters together and loved that Sophie was trying her best to break out a little. There were also turns I didn't see coming, which made it hard to put the book down.  This is one book you don't want to pass on.

Thank you Noelle for giving me the chance to read your first novel.  I can't wait for the 2nd part of this trilogy.

Whisper (The Voice trilogy Book 1)

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