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November 11, 2015

Review: Floating by Michelle Dare

Fear wasn’t a fleeting emotion for Lucy Abrams. It was something she felt every day of her life. The night she almost drowned was seared into her memory, marking the beginning of her problem with anxiety. Her oceanfront home and the crashing of waves against the shoreline served as an ever-present reminder of her past. Until the day she saw someone on the beach whose very presence calmed her.

Ellis Sullivan was a recent law school graduate, spending the summer with his best friends at his family’s beach house in Ray Point. It was their last chance to have fun together before they entered the workforce. Summer was supposed to be full of days on the sand and parties at night, but that changed the day he first saw Lucy. She walked into his life and rendered him speechless. He knew he’d never be the same.

A relationship between the two was unexpected, but their connection was strong. Not everyone thought they should be together, though. Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, Gabe, wasn’t ready to give up on a future with her. After all, he was the one who saved her life.

Love and trust came together to help Lucy find the peace within that she had searched for since that terrible night. Only with the right person by her side was she able to move on, beyond the fear that had ruled her life for far too long. The person who made her feel like she was floating.

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Review by Jennifer

Copy received from Author for an honest review

Floating is a deep, emotional read and one that I connected with almost right away.

Have you ever been through a traumatic experience, one that you can’t move on from? One, that no matter how hard you try to let go of and move on from, you just can’t. If so, then this is the book for you. It will pull you in and capture your heart.

This story brought out so many emotions in me. It is almost hard to describe it in words.

Lucy has only been living a shell of her life since that fateful night. No matter how much she tries to heal there is always that one thing that holds her back. I liked Lucy right away, she was very strong, yet very broken. She was good at verbalizing her feelings and thoughts and she truly wanted to be healed.

“I want to be an average girl. I want to live my life without fear.”

Then there was Ellis….(sigh, sigh) Oh my goodness this man was so dreamy and just sweet as can be. He was drawn to Lucy right from the beginning and wanted to help her. He was so patient, kind and understanding that he completely stole my heart.

“I don’t want to let go.”

You could feel from the very beginning that these two characters were just meant to be with one another. They were there to help one another heal and move on.

“Your heart races when I’m near you, yet mine calms down when I’m with you.”

This was really just a sweet, moving, beautiful love story about overcoming your fears, healing, letting go and falling in love all at the same time.