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October 9, 2015

Review: Charm School After Dark by Lynn Carmer

Caelen Calvo has three meddling sisters, an employment problem, a married ex-boyfriend, and a massive headache from all the drama. Pass the wine, please. Her only hope of redemption comes in the form of a charm school that she and her sisters have recently inherited. The problem? The real money comes, not from manners and etiquette, but from naughty, after hour, classes that the sisters must take over and teach.
Caelen draws the short straw. The first topic on the charm school’s roster, well, let’s just say it involves her mouth and a man’s . . . Thrill Drill. If she were a cheerleader, she would chant: Give me a B to the J, rah, rah, rah—Caelen has four short days to research advanced techniques like The Corn on the Cob and The Twist and Twirl . . . plus prep the charm school for a blowout party and – oh yeah – find a man willing to be her temporary guinea pig.
Dare Lagos has been in love with Caelen since middle school. The former professional boxer, turned firefighter, has always fought for what he wants. The battle for Caelen’s heart is no different. Doesn’t matter that they used to bicker, endlessly, back in the day. Doesn’t matter that he has a cheating ex-wife that created serious trust issues. And it shouldn’t matter that he’s been suspended from his job as a Hot Shot, because he may have over-reacted when his ex-wife’s Boy Toy was assigned to his station. Nope. None of that matters except the taste of her smart mouth, the feel of her smooth skin and the smell of her sultry scent surrounding him. He wants Caelen Calvo—and he’s going to make sure that the only name on her short-list, is his.
Note: Intended for readers 18+. The story includes hilarious – hopefully – and sometimes explicit sex scenes. But they are always in good fun. 

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Review by Amanda

ARC Received for an honest review 

What a absolutely fantastic read!! I loved reading about the Calvo Quads and each of their personalities!! 

The Calvo Quads inherit a charm school they grew up helping out attending. Then they learn it's up for foreclosure but the deceased owner had some tricks up her sleeve to get the funding to keep it going. A special after dark" class that the girls must teach themselves.... And must personally have done what they are teaching! Caelen is thrust into the limelight for the first class and she has to find someone to "practice" on.... In walks Dare her preteen nemesis turned super sexy hot headed firefighter! Both have crazy pasts threatening to tear them apart before they even get started. Can they keep this casual and stick to the arrangement or are old hidden feelings going to surface?? And on top of all the drama a long lost relative of Ms. Belle's has showed up trying to take the girls inheritance, will the young "fresh drink of water" get his way???? 

So much drama with these Quads I could not put this book down. I stayed up til 3am reading. I can not wait to read Brynns story!!!!