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March 21, 2014

Author Spotlight for KRISTI PELTON

Kristi Pelton was raised in a small town in southeast Kansas where she was thrown outside to play all day with a neighborhood of older boys. Though sadly, none of them wanted to ‘date’ her (she attributes that to being an annoying, skinny, pale, freckly, redhead); she learned a lot from her many hours with them on the skateboard ramp, hiking through the creek and playing basketball—quickly ascertaining how the male mind works, and she absolutely loves writing in the male point of view.
 As she grew-up, and attended college getting her degree in psychology, her hair naturally lightened from red to strawberry blond and she attracted a great man who she married in 1992.
Speaking of guys…she gave birth to…what else—two boys!  Now she spends the majority of her time warning them about the evil manipulations of girls and trying to caution them of the drama these creatures bring to their lives!! The one girl in her life is a faster-than-lightening Brittany named Wrigley. Why Wrigley?  Because Kristi is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. An even bigger Oregon Ducks fan and the biggest Kansas Jayhawk fan! 
Kristi wrote her first series in 2009 when she endured insomnia…literally writing all three books in a six month period.  She aggressively tried to get a literary agent to no avail and then self-published in 2013.  Her most recent book Pure Will, has been her biggest hit, and is currently on the Amazon bestseller list.

Do you have a quirky thing you do when writing?

YES!!  I make facial expressions. I cry. I laugh…and I’m not kidding. My family makes fun of me.  If I’m writing about a scene where the character is shocked…I guarantee my mouth is open, my brows are pulled together and I am gasping.  It’s so weird but it puts me into the character. But it’s when I cry that my boys freak out. We won’t talk about the sex scenes…   J

What inspired you to be an author?

Hmmm.  Well, I’ve always enjoyed writing. But it wasn’t until I kind of set up a neighbor boy with my best friends daughter…age gap…too young…break up…EEEEK!  The next thing I know there was tuna and syrup on his car because she was angry and I was like oh my goodness what have I done??  J   Well…thinking about young love and all the feelings that brings out and sometimes the irrationality…boom…I had my ideas and started!

What was the toughest negative criticism that you have received and how did you overcome it?

Negative criticism is to be expected. Not everyone is going to like my style of writing or the way I tell a story. I pick up books that I start reading or at the end think…what? But I don’t get angry and usually move on to the next book.  Even before I wrote, I was surprised when I would see some of the things people would write in reviews. For me, personally, it’s when someone writes a review and they take issue with something that happened in the story and what they write is untrue. If someone doesn’t like my characters or the way I told the story…that’s OK. But writing something untrue doesn’t make sense to me.  What can you do…

Do you have any advice for authors just starting out?  

I’m just starting out!! J This is all so new. It’s only been a year since I first published. Pure Will has been the most successful. I didn’t do anything different…so as far as advice…don’t stop trying. I think luck plays an important role. As long as you show quality in your writing and you have a solid story…roll with it. It too depends on someone’s ideas for success. For me, it’s never been about the money. I love getting an email that says ‘loved the characters’ or ‘loved the story’…that means something I created resonated with someone.  I love that!

What do you have coming in the future? 

I’m still trying to decide on the title but I’m so excited about this next book. This incredibly hot, sexy guy named Kieran Scott, is court ordered into therapy after one too many fights. He’s filled with anger and rage after his parents are killed. In comes therapist, Megan Clark. New to the profession of counseling, she’s completely caught off guard by his propositions and inappropriateness…  It’s their story and I’m having so much fun writing it.  I hope for a release date in June…just in time for summer reading!  

*****This book contains some content appropriate for age 18+ and is not suitable for younger readers*****

Growing up without a mother, Camden never learned the rules of sex until introduced to them by a bad boy who took advantage of her innocence—breaking her.

Will spiraled into a world of darkness following an unbearable hurt…in turn using women and alcohol to dull the pain.

Two wounded people…coming together under awkward circumstances…healing each other…until the bad boy from Camden’s past finds her…

Does Will have the power to fight for someone worth fighting for?

Pure Will

 Doc’s mouth closed and already resembling that wet puppy, her eyes followed suit. Hurt washed over her features and if I could have punched myself I would have. “I didn’t mean…” She left as quickly as she’d come dashing back into the bar. “Dude,” I said to Todd. “I’m sorry. I called for you,” Todd said. “She’s parked out front, K.” Wink nodded. “Go through the gate.” So I did, setting off the security alarm which bellowed out in the night. When I rounded the corner in the rain, she was digging in her very well-worn-out jeans. Water surged down the street, rushing over her feet and as she clicked the key fob unlocking her car, one of her flip-flops got caught in the flow of water. In my expensive, leather, Harley boots, I stepped off the curb and grabbed it. Her eyes found me standing ankle deep in the water. I waded toward her as water seeped into my boots. “Cinderella?” I asked, holding up the flip-flop. The rain streaked her face or was it tears? “It’s a flip-flop, not a glass slipper. Life is not a fairytale, Mr. Scott.” “It sure could be. And we’re back to that Mr. Scott shit, eh? Even after I took you home last night?” She took the flip-flop from me and slid it back on her foot. “Nothing happened last night. Nothing will ever happen. I’m not really a sex behind the bar kind of gal,” she said opening her car door and I slammed it shut. “Nothing happened back there. Why did you come?” “I’m your therapist, Mr. Scott. You didn’t show for your appointment and I was worried.” “Bullshit!” I shouted, batting the rain from my lashes. Her finger jabbed in front of my face as if I were two. “I could request a warrant right now for you.” Her hair was sopping wet and she looked like a raccoon. The hottest damn raccoon I’d ever seen. “Let’s do therapy right now.” “Mr. Scott. That would be highly…” I shoved her up against the car and pressed my body to hers. I hovered over her by a foot and a part of me wanted to intimidate her. “Enough of the Mr. Scott shit,” I said. Her mouth slightly parted as her eyes hooded. As disgusted as she was by me, I turned her on, I think. “Say my name,” I ordered. The lashes around her eyes were fanned out beautifully and the gray of her eyes flickered back and forth between my eyes and my mouth. “Say it!” I clenched out. “Kieran,” she whispered. I was harder now than when I was inches from Nikki’s mouth. “Say it again.” “Kieran…” This time it sounded more like a cry and I wanted to kiss her just like she’d told me she liked. Drunk or not, I remembered. Little, slow pecks. Just a bit of tongue. I wouldn’t screw it up. Her chin quivered as the rain pelted her face. I’d actually forgot it was raining until I saw it streaming down her perfect face. It was then that I realized she didn’t have on a bra and her nipples poked through the gray shirt beautifully. Damn. “Would you have sought out another client if they didn’t show?” I asked. “What?” “If one of your other clients didn’t show, would you track them down?” “I don’t know,” she said. “Yes you do. Tell me.” Her teeth pressed softly into her bottom lip. “No. I wouldn’t track them down.” This brought me pure satisfaction. “I’ll be there Monday” She nodded. “What time?” I asked. “Four?” I nodded. And I swear to God, I didn’t want her to go. I wanted her to stay with me…go home with me. Todd and Wink were right; I was screwed.

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