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March 23, 2017

Review: Unprofessional by J.D.Hawkins

What happens when the internet's favorite playboy falls in love?

I have the best job in the world. Date beautiful women and write about it.

But I want to take it to the next level: instead of writing about my experiences make it into an online reality show.
But here is the catch. My boss wants me to share the show with a woman co-host. And he wants that woman to be my best friend and co-worker, Margo.
I’ll date beautiful women and she’ll date hot men. Sounds fair enough.

So now I have to watch her fake date hot men. I used to love going home with a different woman every night, but suddenly this isn’t as fun. Seeing Margo with anyone else is driving me crazy.

And the more time I spend with her working on the show, the less I want to keep our relationship in the friends’ zone. And the harder it is to stop myself from imagining her bent over the copier.

Things are about to get unprofessional.

 Review by April

ARC provided for an honest review 

5 'Shit. You've got it bad.' Stars

And, Shit. I've got it bad, too! Let's get real here for a minute. Initially I signed up to review Unprofessional because the cover spoke to my lady bits. The bits liked what they saw, and since the host of these lady bits is a cover whore, she will never, ever, EVER, deny the bits what they like and crave... and this is the story of how I popped my JD Hawkins fictional cherry.

It was a cold night in Canada when I powered up my kindle, kicked back on the couch only to read a few chapters, to get a feel for the words, flow, and characters that graced the tapping of my fingertips. What ended up happening was a manic devouring of half the book.

"Tell yourself a cliff is just a step and you're gonna fall hard. Trust me on that one."

I'm in love, bookworms! True blissful, fictional lurrrrve. Margot and Owen *le-freakin'-sigh* They're perfect! What's to love about them? The better question is what is there to NOT love about them? She's the quiet, studious type, and he's every book whores dream! Although both have their ups, downs, and meh-ish qualities, they both had such vibrancy, zest and passion!!

He looks around him again and leans in a little closer, and I see a flash of last night's Owen, the ravenous Owen, the uncontrollable Owen, the slam-me-up-against-the-wall Owen. "I'm this close to shoving everything off this desk and fucking you in front of everyone." Oh, be still my beating booknerd heart!!!!

Bad boy-manwhore, office romance, friends to lovers. This book is loaded with tropes that make me weak in the knees! I had such fun reading and fantasizing my way through Unprofessional. The sexual chemistry flowing between Margot & Owen was off the charts. The lust-fest, that angsty push and pull of feelings, emotions and sexual craving.

"You're not exactly doing me any favors yourself, looking at me like that. You think I'd rather be sitting at my desk than on your face right now?"

I. Need. More! Right meow!
Sorry in advance, Hawkins, you've got yourself another fangirl. *smirk*

'A kiss that says more than a thousand words ever could, lips touching only as an extension sion of our souls, and for a second I feel closer to him than I've ever felt, as if we're one.'

And that, my friends is how you pop your JD Hawkins fictional cherry.