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September 27, 2015

Review: Swallowing Colors by Brayden Maggart

Seventeen-year-old Analia struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from a long childhood of abuse and trying to cope with her brother, Cloud's, suicide while still continuing to manage life with a neglectful, addicted mother. Without guidance, Analia and her brother, August, experience the hardships of adolescence and the joys of first love as they learn life's hardest lessons. Together, they figure out how it's possible that the world is both beautiful and ugly at the same time as the two come to form a unit we know as life.


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Review by April

ARC received for an honest review

5 Beautiful Heartwrenching Stars

I went into this book completely blind and came out on the other side in sheer utter awe, covered in goosebumps. CHILLS! If that prologue doesn't hook you, nothing ever will.

But there was something sweet about pure misery....It was actually kind of incredible how the element of circumstance forced you to see the gray area and adjust the fine line between right and wrong...

Swallowing Colors goes beyond having -All. The. Feels.-
It's in a league of its own in the feels dept.

Life was lovely, but not unless you'd felt enough pain to understand killing himself, he killed my favorite part of me...sometimes lies were more truthful than the truth.

aaaaaaaand OMG! This!!!!

At any moment, a number of things could happen to break up this moment and turn it into a memory, but for just this moment we were together. For just this moment, we were okay, and for just this moment, we were happy. Everything around us was falling apart, but together we were all right. And moments like this were what we lived for; they were what made us human and what made all the painful hours worth just this one blissful moment.

If you're looking for a sweet, light read this is definitely not the book for you. There are severe triggers. Swallowing Colors is deep, dark, depressing and so so so hauntingly beautiful all at the same time. A truly open mind is required for this book. I'm still in shock but O.M.G. I need more! This is a story I will NEVER forget.
From the heavy subject matter, Maggart's writing style, the alternating's a beautifully written heart wrenching debut of a masterpiece that takes on a life of its own. So unique and unforgettable.

Regret was a wasted emotion because it was impossible to quench. You couldn't go back in time no matter how much you wanted to. The only option in this world was to keep moving forward.

The wait for the next 2 books in the series is going to kill me!!!!