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August 4, 2015

Who Wrote That Book Wedneday: Alice C. Hart

The first time I saw Abby Osborne, I knew I had to have her.

I want to own her.

I want to breathe her.

I want to see her smile.

I want to see her cry.

But, more than anything, I want to watch as panic seizes her immobile. I need to see the look on her face when she realizes the man she couldn’t spare a second glance at, is the one who will love her so fiercely that she will never be the same.

Now, until the time comes for our happily ever after, I’ll be forced to endure the hell of witnessing her stumble through the life she doesn’t know she is about to lose.

She. Is. My. Obsession.

***This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This book contains adult situations, drug use, smoking, drinking and some hot sex. These characters are not perfect, nor do they try to be.***

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Alice is a writer of romance and suspense, Romantic/Suspense, if you will. She also plans to write more of whatever pops into her head. Alice loves to read dark, jacked up, play with your head kind of books in her spare time. She also enjoys books that make her laugh out loud.

Alice enjoys listening to music, hangin' out with her bitches, and dancin' her ass off. When not writing, Alice enjoys watching crap television, the kind where people go to find love and cry over losing a guy who had to go on national television to find a date.

Residing in Toronto, Alice is happily unmarried to her common-law hubs of fourteen years; she has two children, a dog and a cat.

A perfect evening includes watching a horror flick with her hubby and nibbling on something chocolate.

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Author Interview

-Do you have a quirky thing you do when you are writing?
I don’t. I wake up, make my tea and find I do my best writing in the AM.

-What is one thing that people do not know about you?
I love my pets more than I like most people!

-What is one thing that you want people to know about you?
That I’m nice and easy to get along with.

-How do get ideas for your books?
My head is full of ideas… But my first book (the only one available right now) was inspired from my real life. 

 -What made you want to become a writer?
I’ve always loved writing. But it’s so hard to make it a “Career,” and it was after I read a good friend of mines book, I just decided to do it.

-What do you think people will love most about this book?
My characters are based on my friends, which made it super fun for me to write. I think my characters are a little different and it’s a mix of funny, sexy, twisty and turny lol.

-Who is THE ONE Author that makes you fangirl?
Tara Sivec <3 span="">

-What is your most favorite book that you have read?
I love two books for very different reasons… Seduction & Snacks by Tara Sivec because it’s funny as hell and I loved Held by Kimberly A. Bettes because it’s super dark and jacked me up!

-What television shows do you watch the most?
I’m totally addicted to bad “Reality” TV…

-Name one thing in your life that you would like to do that you haven’t done.
Go shark diving. I have a weird fascination with sharks!!!

-What are the top 3 items on your bucket list?
Shark diving
Travel more ~ to everywhere
Write something out of my comfort zone

-How do you determine the cities, states etc. where your book takes place at?
Since I’m Canadian, I use Canadian cities

-Who is the person that has influence you the most in your life?
My mom <3 span="">
-What is your favorite genre to read?
LOL funny & Suspense

-What is your favorite movie of all time?
Poltergeist, Jaws, The Exorcist… There is really too many to list!

-What is your favorite quote from your book?
“Sweet Jesus, that feels fucking fantast-uh, whoa…
Is he? Did he?
Massaging my foot while sucking on my toes, I feel like I’m going to come. No fucking way.” ~ Abby Osborne

-Cat or dog

-What is your favorite genre of music to listen to?
Classic Rock

-If you had to play a theme song each morning what would it be?
Beastie Boys ~ Fight for your right… To party!!!