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December 18, 2015

Review: A Mess of Reason by A. Wilding Wells

“Scout Steele is the country music star People magazine just voted “sexiest bachelor”. More than that, he’s my best friend forever, my bff. OK, not quite my lingo - I’m almost thirty. We’ve shared everything, and then some. Even crossed the line a few times, but not too far. Well, mostly…. He’ll go to the end of the world to make me happy; he knows me inside and out. Except, that is, my most intimate and darkest defect; this he must never know. It would ruin us, and ‘us’ is the only thing that matters. So I’m marrying someone who doesn’t care about the truth or, frankly, even me.”

“She’s twisted and sexy as all get out. Brilliant and beautiful, Tess Harlow is my best friend and my forbidden fruit - the woman I’ve always known and loved the best but can never have. Between my tours (and sexy groupies) and her man-juggling, we’ve never found “our time”. I love her to pieces but she’s about to marry the bane of my existence, rocker Creed Luce. He’s a walking cliché and he treats my Tess like hell - why she stays with him I still haven’t figured out. I am always there for her…but not this time. Tess deserves better, way better, my better. The door is half-open and I have my ways. Her best friend is about to become her best lover.”

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3. 5 Stars

Review by Jennifer

Copy provided via Netgalley for an honest review

Tess & Scout have been best friends for years. However they have been in love with one another pretty much the whole time and neither of them knows how the other one feels but now Tess is engaged to be married soon. You can see where this could create some problems, right? Let the craziness begin!

These two characters had the quirkiest friendship that I have ever come across. Their banter was downright naughty and hilarious all at the same time. Their friendship was definitely a “special kind of friendship.”

“Maybe we should get a room, sweetheart.”

While this was a very humorous read, there was also a serious emotional side to it as well that I found very heartbreaking.

“I’m afraid, you know. I’m so scared that if you touch me…”

To know what that means you will just have to take a chance on this book.

This was a cute, funny, hot little read that was pretty entertaining.