5 Awesome Stars!!
I had the priveledge of reading an ARC copy of this book and I cannot express enough how much I loved it.  I want to write about every stinkin' detail because there were so many parts that amazed and surprised me.  I loved Kasey's two Cowboy books, but this one was totally different and I really hated to put it down.  Dishes???  They can wait til I finish.  LOL. 
Young Lacey Monroe was told by her mother to always run when things get bad, so that's what she's been doing.  That is until she felt like she really missed her best friend, Jenn, and decided to stay with her in Alabama.  She actually feels like this might be the place she could see herself settling down in. 
Sexy Roam Cooper is a tall, dark, tattooed alpha male.  He is also the Vice President of the Mayhem Motorcycle Club.  When he sets his eyes on Lacey, nothing is going to stop him from having her.  There's some kind of connection he cannot describe. 
Lacey was mesmerized by Roam.  She couldn't understand the magnetism between each other.  Roam helped her see that things could be okay.  That is until something goes terribly wrong and Lacey decides to do what she does best.....RUN. 
I loved how this book made me smile and then all of a sudden my heart sunk.  "NO, NO, NO!  This can't be happening!!", I said to myself.  I read faster because I needed to calm my nerves and get to a happy place.  This book was sweet, erotic, heart breaking, shocking and scary all throughout.  It was also dramatic and heart wrenching.  I couldn't help but feel sympathetic for Roam and Lacey when times got tough.  I think I even shed a tear.  I couldn't wait to finish it, but I didn't want it to end either.  You will be happy to know that this book is a stand-alone with a Happy Ever After and boy is it a great ending.
Thank you Kasey Millstead for awarding us with another wonderful novel.  I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next .  <3 div="">