Request a Review

If you would like to submit your book to us for a review please email us at with REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line along with the following information:

·        The title with goodreads or amazon link
·        The Synopsis of the book
·        How long is the book?
·        Is the book a standalone or series?
·        Is there a HEA?
·        Is it a dark, angsty, funny etc read? 

Please keep in mind that we read the following Romance genres:

Young Adult
New Adult 

*We do not read Paranormal or Fantasy*

We will try and respond to each email we receive whether or not we decide to review the book, however please understand that at times we receive a lot of emails and it is not possible to respond to each and every one of them. If we don’t respond to yours please don’t be offended, we do promise to read and consider each and every request that we receive.