November 3, 2017

Review: Cuffed by K. Bromberg

From the New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg, comes a new series about three brothers, the job that calls them, and the women who challenge them.

“I hate you. I never want to see you again.”

Grant Malone is not the reason I moved back to Sunnyville—at least that’s what I tell myself. Yet, those parting words I said to him back in third grade, ring in my ears every time a townsperson brings up one of the Malone boys. I thought time had healed my wounds. I was wrong. Nothing could have prepared me for how I felt when I finally saw him again.

Twenty years does a lot to turn a boy into a man. One who hits all my buttons—sexy, funny, attractive, and a police officer. But Grant is off limits because he knows too much about my past.

But I’m drawn to him. That damn uniform of his doesn’t hurt either. It’ll be my downfall. I know it.

What’s one night of sex going to hurt . . . right?


I’ve always loved Emmy Reeves.

That’s why I’m shocked to see her all these years later. The shy girl I once knew is all grown up.

Adventurous and full of life, she owns my heart now, just as much as she did back then. Convincing her of that is a whole different story.

I’ll give her the one night she asks for—like that’s a hardship—but when it comes to letting her walk away after, she has another thing coming. There’s no way in hell I’m letting her go this time without a fight.

 Review by April

ARC provided for an honest review 

 4 'Forget the memories and just chase the moments.' Stars

Emotionally gripping and powerfully raw, K. Bromberg sure knows how to pull at my heart strings and make my face leak. As a reader who thrives off the risk of going into a book as blind as possible, I was completely blindsided by Cuffed as it went in an entirely different direction than I had been anticipating or expecting based solely on the cover, because let's be honest here- I'm 100% a cover whore and that hot AF cover doesn't really fit the book after reading it. Yes, theres a hot cop with some killer abs but there's so much more to this story; the content is most certainly intense and may trigger some. To me, that kind of intense, deep, and dark deserves more than abs. Anywho. Carrying on. ;)

'She's sunshine with a little bit of hurricane thrown in, and I'm willingly walking straight into her storm with nothing more than the clothes on my back.'

Gut wrenching, heart breaking, yet soul and spirit lifting to see the level of personal gorwth, acceptance and realizations of self worth and ill placed blame and fears throughout the story. I'll admit at times I did struggle with some content and character traits that left me feeling a bit 'meh' about the book, but after finishing and reflecting I can say that I was left with a content feeling in my heart and a smile on my face as I read the last pages. And the note from K. Bromberg at the end, well, f me. That made me love the story that much more.

'He brings calm to the chaos spinning out of control around me and within me.'

If you're looking to get lost AND found within a sea of feels and emotions, I recommend checking out this book!

"Head up. Wings out."


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