September 11, 2017

Review: Dirty Filthy Rich Love by Laurelin Paige

I’ve discovered Donovan Kincaid’s secret.

It’s dirty and filthy and rich – as dirty and filthy and rich as he is – and it haunts me as much as he ever did.

Even after knowing what I know now, I still want to talk to him, to touch him. But there’s an ocean between us, and I’m not sure it can be crossed with something as easy as a phone call or a plane ride.

Yet I’m willing to try.

He doesn’t know this yet, but this time I’m the one with the power. And maybe – just maybe – if the air were cleared and all our secrets bared, there could still be a chance for us.

And this dirty, filthy thing between us might end up being love after all.

Review by April 

ARC provided for an honest review

4 'I had my seat belt on and everything.' Stars

***This book is part of a duet, you MUST read Dirty Filthy Rich Men first***

The wait is finaaaaaaaally over! Laurelin Paige returns with the finale of the Dirty Duet with a gut wrenching, no holds bar intensity that shreds the heart and soul within the pages of Dirty Filthy Rich Love. A love story so compelling and addictive AF, you certainly won't forget Donovan Kincaid anytime soon! I mean how could anyone forget a primitive alpha, the alpha of all *cough*asshole*cough* alphas. Gah! I heart him! I truly do.

Picking up where Dirty Filthy Rich Men left us hanging in a fit of OMFG's, Laurelin Paige quickly thrusts the reader back into the angsty emotional whiplash and darkness that consumes the world of Kincaid and Lind, everything that I loved about the first book. The secrets, lies, and deceit follow the puppet master; always.

'I'd just invited the devil out to play.'
'Because he knew me. He knew what I needed.'

I'm not sure what I had been expecting to happen long term, other than a HEA, as I went into the book, but the journey was most definitely an adventure filled with growth and many set backs along the way that propelled the story full force- in only a way that Laurelin Paige can. Her voice is one of a kind, addictive, and talented AF! *bows down*

This is a story of two broken individuals who are so freaking perfect for each other that it almost hurts to write this *sigh* This is their painstakingly and beautifully, well deserved...tortured to the end, ending. HEA? You'll have to read to find out :p    

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