February 18, 2017

Review: Tainted by Love by Gillian Jones

My name is Hendrix Hills.
When I was twenty-nine, I fell in love with a girl.
We loved fast. We loved hard.
But our love was tainted.

My name is Trinity Adams.
When I was twenty-seven, I fell in love with a boy.
We loved fast. We loved hard.
It’s too bad my blood was tainted.

Warning: Not your traditional HEA. May contain emotional triggers for some. There will be things that you won't like and some you will, but I hope you have fun finding out!

 Review by April

ARC received for an honest review

6 'Forever and a day.' Stars

To venture outside of the popular and safe romance model of today, takes guts. Major guts. To write an epic love story based on and around susceptible and touchy subject matter is always a definite gamble, one with uncertainty lurking in the shadows. Some will love it, others may disagree by showing animosity and displeasure towards it. For me, this book was a breath of fresh air. Tainted by Love is EVERYTHING!!!! And I do mean EVERYTHING!

I'm not sure where to begin, aside from the fact that I. Freaking. Love. This. Book!
It's real.
It's raw.

'Sometimes we walk around playing victims, thinking we're the only ones subject to stigmatizing and assumptions, but you know what? I think sometimes we're our own worst enemies.'

Tainted by Love a thought provoking roller coaster ride of emotions from start to finish. I seriously can't get this book and these characters out of my head!! Executed with delicate, yet palpable delivery of the subject matter at hand, well informed and researched. Sensitive matter with a negative stigma attached to it, one that evokes FEAR when mentioned to most. While reading, it's quite apparent that Gillian Jones poured her heart and soul in to this work of prose and I'm simply in awe with everything it entails. This can happen to ANYONE at anytime. It doesn't discriminate, and as this book shows, anyone, even the most innocent of innocent are not protected from it.

'Her eyes match the armour she wears, especially around me; armour that doesn't stand a fucking chance against me. "IN PERPETUUM ET UNUM DIEM." That's how long I'll wait for this girl. That's my plan.'

This is Trinity's story. It's heart wrenching yet breathtakingly beautiful; haunting so at the same time. It's a story of overcoming adversity, fear, acceptance and love. Emotions will be evoked in every facet imaginable. Get ready to cry, laugh and smile your way through this poignant tale of a young girls life with an unconventional HEA, but a HEA nonetheless.  Oh, and have fun meeting your next book boyfriend! Hendrix is the bomb.com when it comes to swoon and alpha swagger *wink*

'It's time to rewrite your ending.'

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