February 14, 2017

Review: Suddenly Begins by JA Low

She was everything I ever wanted.

For her to be mine ✔

For her to be healthy ✔

For her to marry me ✔

So what’s next on my list? To knock her up?

He was everything I could finally have.

Finally together ✔

Finally healthy ✔

Finally married ✔

I never thought I would get married, but here I am married to Christian Taylor, Dirty Texas’ womanizing bad boy and my best friend, and I am about to do it all over again.

Our life together finally begins now!

Join Vanessa and Christian on their voyage of forever, all while trying to wrangle the Dirty Texas gang in the process.

 Review by April

ARC provided for an honest review 

 5 'Just suck his dick, he'll be fine.' Stars

Just when I thought I could not love Christian and Vanessa anymore than I already do, JA Low has us jet-setting around the globe in another smut-tastic, addictive installment in the Dirty Texas series! Things are about to get smokin' hot, which is a given when this motley crew of friends are together. While I've loved the previous three installments, Suddenly Begins is the book to solidify my love of the series and characters! With each addition to the series I've noticed characters personalities forming more and more, coming out of their shell, and exposing themselves to us, the reader. I felt like I was part of the gang this go around, and I had the best time reading this novella!! It was sooooo much fun to read!

"Babe, I know your limitations." She slaps the back of my head. Ouch. "I'm joking. I'm joking. I only married you for your cocksucking skills." Vanessa lets out a gasp then bursts out laughing. "And I only married you for your big dick. So I guess we're a match made in heaven."

Chock full of so many laugh out loud moments, hilarious banter and antics, as well as sweet and tender moments, and so much swoon, there was never a dull moment! Constantly moving forward, adding new layers and dimension to the story within, and those to come, JA Low did a fantastic job with her delivery of Suddenly Begins. Picking up directly where Suddenly Together ends, you'll want to read this series in order to experience the full sexual meal deal that is served up with each couple *wink wink* It's seriously HOT!

"Yes, the grooms cock will most definitely help with getting rid of wedding fever. Jump on before it's too late."

And that ending though?!?!?!?!?!? I need the next Dirty Texas book NOW!!!! You have no idea... I just can't even! GAH!

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