January 8, 2017

Review: Lucian Devine by Renee Carlino

“My guardian angel is a drunk.”

Evelyn Casey's life is at a standstill. She's in her mid-twenties, struggling with the dating scene in San Francisco. Nothing seems to be working out, and she’s starting to think that she’ll live out her days in her crummy apartment with her overbearing roommate, Brooklyn. It's absurd, but sometimes Evey longs for a guardian angel to show up and save the day.

And then he does. Seriously. His name is Lucian and he's a guardian angel, been on the job for two thousand years. His sudden presence in her life is both good—he's brilliant, witty, and warm—and bad—he's brilliant, witty, warm, and hot as ----. But as perfect as Lucian seems, he’s got problems of his own. He’s taken up drinking and he’s brazenly inserted himself into Evey’s life, going against the greatest cosmic law ever created.

For Evey, the rules are simple: You are not allowed to hook up with your guardian angel. But sometimes fulfilling your destiny requires a leap of faith, a confrontation with God.

Yes, God as in God.

 Review by April

ARC provided for an honest review 

*****Although there is a paranormal element to the story line*****

5 'I've ached for you for so long.' Stars

'I started to think maybe heaven was on Earth. Maybe being an angel was like being in hell.'

Renee Carlino is testing the waters; pushing the boundaries of Contemporary Romance so to speak. I always wonder how she will top her last works with each new release. This go around I only have two words:

Lucian Divine.
*dreamy sigh*

Carlino has a knack for eloquent storytelling, combined with such rich, vivid depiction, providing the reader with a truly ethereal and realistic experience. No questions are left unanswered while merging the celestial and human realms throughout this book. Renee Carlino has generated a refreshing worldliness to her works with the addition of Lucian Divine, in what I like to call paranormal infused contemporary romance. You seriously cannot go wrong by indulging in the heavenly prose within. This is an unforgettable story, one so truly breathtaking, heart warming and soul crushing, with many lessons to be learned. This story will consume and own you. Everything combined makes this hands-down her best work to date!

'The moment you all in love, you become acutely aware of all the different ways the person you love can die. It's sickening. It's morbid and painful and heart-wrenching, and it's all totally, completely worth it.'

This is not a religious book, like at all. It's simply the beautifully tale of a human falling in love with her other-worldly guardian angel. The whole 'what if' plays a huge part in the story of Lucian and Evey. Of course, there are rules that need to be followed. What fun is fiction if you can't break a few? lol

'No one should be punished for giving love and getting it in return, even if others think it's wrong. How can two able-minded adults loving each other ever be wrong? It makes no sense.'

There are so many layers to uncover and be revealed in Lucian Divine. This is a story that will open your heart and expand your mind. Delivered in such a way that you cannot help but fall in love with not only Lucian and Evey, but all the supporting cast of characters. Who knows, that little 'loop-de-loop' might make you fall in love with "the big guy upstairs" as the most heart warming and awe striking finale is played out. Yeah, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! Gah!! It was just so hauntingly beautiful!!

'I don't know whether I'm alive or dead, in heaven or hell or if any of this is even real. I just know that I love you...'

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