September 20, 2016

Review: Everything Unexpected by Caroline Nolan

Can a man and woman be JUST friends?

Shane Carlisle and Leah Kessel think so. They’ve been the best of friends for years—and quite content being just that; it’s their friends who don’t believe it. None of them can understand how two gorgeous, non-committed adults have never thought about crossing that line. Until a night of celebration, too much tequila and new found curiosity makes it impossible for Shane and Leah not to think about it. So together, they cross it—promising themselves and each other that nothing will change and that yes, a man and woman can STILL remain just friends.

That is, until everything around them begins to spiral out of control.

Plans they had once formed, vanish. Promises they once made, are broken. And their once easy and effortless friendship turns into…the complete opposite. Coming face to face with the consequences of their actions, Shane and Leah are once again challenged by the same question.

Can a man and woman be just FRIENDS?

Not when everything unexpected is thrown their way.

Review by Amanda

ARC provided for an honest review

I absolutely fell in love with Carolines debut novel This is Love. . So when I heard she was releasing a second one I was like hell yeah sign me up!!!

Let me start out by just pointing out that cover!! It's gorgeous! The cover alone makes me want to read this book! I may have swooned a little when it showed up on my kindle! I love how much time and pride are put into her novels every chapter even has a little picture heading!

I loved everything about this book! The flow, storyline and characters all work amazing together to keep you captivated from page 1!
The story revolves around Shane and Leah, best friends for life.... Or are they?? Between fate and everything unexpected that happens in their lives can they make it through unscathed???

Friendship, love, heartache, laughter, sadness and hurt all combined to make the perfect storyline! This book gave me all the feels! I'm a fan for life!! Xo


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