July 22, 2015

Revew: Domville 1 & Domville 2 by C.J. Fallowfield

Sam Michaels, the handsome, hot and charismatic lead singer of international sensation Nevada 6, is learning to spread his sexual wings. After breaking up with his long term girlfriend at the insistence of his agent, so fans believe they stand a chance of snaring their idol, he’s testing the water when it comes to taking advantage of his new found freedom. Will his fame and obvious appeal turn him into another sex crazed pop star, or will he put his heart before his image when he hooks up with rebellious and straight talking Lexi Clarke and sparks between them fly?

The Domville 1 is the first of a series of self-contained hot erotic reads, set in the exclusive six star hotel chain.

Warning – This is an erotica series, if you’re after a happy ever after, then I’d suggest trying one of my erotic romance novels instead.

Review by April

ARC provided for an honest review.

The Domville: the creme de la creme of hotels, catering to the financially secure - nothing is impossible, especially for Sam Michaels- the lead singer of Nevada 6.

Rockstar status, 6 Star hotels, adoring stalker fans, one of which catches your eye. Drugs, bandmates, groupies, blowjobs, limo rides, casual sexxx and MORE!! What else could a person ask for in one book?!

The first installment of C.J. Fallowfields new erotic series is off to solid start! I -thoroughly- enjoyed myself..errr..I mean..thoroughly enjoyed reading this one and was quite disappointed that it ended, but that's my fault for devouring it!! DEVOURED!!

Don't let the "novella classification" turn you away/off, you'll be missing out BIG time. Fallowfield has mastered the art of writing a novella that leaves you feeling as if you've read a complete novel and are left wanting and begging for more.

I adore Fallowfields writing style. The Domville may be loaded with SUPEROMGHOTSEXXXYPANTYMELTING moments but there's a story line that flows brilliantly and sucks you in and keeps your attention. Not a single lull. It also has the potential to drain your batteries LOL so keep a good stock or your significant other handy ;)

Welcome to the Domville Where....
"No one knows what goes on behind closed doors"..except for us ;)

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No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

Lisa Roberts was about to experience the happiest day of her life, at least that’s what everyone kept telling her. She was getting married in the morning, to her childhood sweetheart, Brady Collins. Brady was the man who took her virginity, who treated her like a delicate, rare and precious flower. She loved him. She couldn’t remember a time that she hadn’t loved him, but part of her wondered if this was it. If their tender love making and harmonious relationship was as good as it got. They sailed along on smooth waters, with barely a ripple to disrupt the flow. Shouldn’t love be choppy, blinding, scorching, passionate, volatile and dangerous? Leaving you unable to breathe when you were apart? Clinging to each other in the eye of the storm?

A chance meeting with a sexy guy at a bar, while she pondered her fate, challenged everything Lisa had ever believed in. Was Brady really the man of her dreams, or could an abandoned night with a stranger far exceed them?

The Domville 2 is the second of a series of self-contained hot erotic reads, set in the exclusive six star hotel chain.

Warning – This is an erotica series, if you’re after a happy ever after, then I’d suggest trying one of my erotic romance novels instead.

This novella contains explicit adult sexual content and is suitable only for those aged 18 and over.

Review by April  

ARC received in exchange for a honest review.

This! This book!!!! I'm in complete love with it!! I have to say as of right now this is my favourite CJ Fallowfield book. I'm in awe, complete utter shock, -almost- speechless. The woman is a writing machine and this book had everything that I LOVE in a book.

Kink!...with a side order of- All. The. Feels! *wink*

In The Domville 2 we meet two characters, childhood sweethearts Lisa and Brady. They're in love, about to be married in a few short days. They've experienced all their firsts together, well..except one. We're about to find out if one of those no strings attached 'free pass' cards will have any repercussions.

This serial, like all of Fallowfield's books, was written in such a way that it sucks you in and keeps you flipping the pages like a mad woman in heat! Panties will be drenched, husbands will get rode, but will Lisa get to finally experience a penetrative orgasm?!

From the swoony highs to the soul crushing lows, this book will captivate you. You'll definitely be begging for more!!

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