May 17, 2015

Review: Fighting Me by Cat Mason

Henry Richardson is the man in the shadows. He’s the calm and cool protector that everyone relies on to restore order among the chaos that is Shaft.
After having his heart broken, not once, but twice, Henry is determined that it’s safer for everyone involved that he remain on the sidelines. He is content to hide behind his trademark shades and watch as his adopted family thrive in the limelight. When the live-in nanny for Shaft quits with no notice just before a much needed vacation, her replacement is nothing like Big Man expected.
Rae Sloan is sassy and independent. She loves kids; working at the daycare center inside Ironsound Records was her dream job until she was offered something more.
A live-in position with one of the hottest bands in the country.
When Henry and Rae collide, the tension is through the roof. Neither one of them are emotionally available, but what happens when those layers you have to protect yourself are suddenly stripped away? When push comes to shove, Henry will have to make a choice that will change his life forever. Can Henry find love, or will he lose everything while fighting the demons within himself?

Review by Dawn

ARC provided for honest review

When I heard that Cat was writing Henry's story, I squealed with excitement.  Henry is security for the band Shaft & also part of their family.  He's a big, mysterious man who hides his emotions behind his shades though.  No one knows the secrets that Henry has kept to himself all these years.  Due to these secrets and being duped in the "love" department, he has closed himself off to any kind of romance.  That is, until he meets the new nanny for the Shaft crew, Rae Sloan.

Rae also has her secrets that she doesn't want to reveal.  She's had her heart broken and didn't plan on romance any time soon.  When she met Henry, she felt something there and decided to take a chance and pursue it.  With the pull between them, it was hard for either to say no.

The chemistry between them was freaking HOT, even if it was just a look that was passed between them.  There were several parts where I felt tingles reading the scenes, but other parts had me laughing my butt off.  Cat's way with words is off the charts amaaaazing!  Love it!  There were some sad moments, but for the most part, Fighting Me was fun and lively.  The end made me smile BIG.

This book was very hard to put down.  I stayed up late reading & actually had to force myself to wait til the next morning to read more.  It's been a long time since I've read a book in 3 days, but I did just that with this one (a HUGE accomplishment for me. lol).  I can honestly say that Fighting Me is now my favorite in the Shaft on Tour series (it just trumped Chasing Me.  Sorry Hunter).  I really hope Cat gives us more of the Shaft crew, because this series is awesome! <3 p="">

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