June 20, 2014

Review of Ex- Convict by Ashley Beale

Ex ConvictEx Convict by Ashley Beale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Dawn

OMG Ashley Beale goes and blows it out of the water yet again!  I've read three of Ashley's books so far and with each being very different, I loved them immensely.  She did NOT disappoint with Ex Convict.  It had drama, excitement, hot, steamy sex and tear at the heart moments.  It was so good I kept prolonging the book because I hated it to end.

Hope wanted to be a better person.  She wanted to be better for Jenny, the girl Hope went to prison for killing.  She meets Wes, who is a hot alpha male and treats women terribly.  He screws them and then tells them to see themselves out.  He likes the idea that Hope likes how he treats her and he can't seem to get her out of his mind. He doesn't know why she likes it, but he senses there's a secret she isn't telling.

Ex Convict had me in the first chapter and kept me interested throughout the whole book.  There were twists I never saw coming, which made me yell and contact Ashley.  There were also heart breaking moments that had me gasping and screaming "NO"!  Books that make me react like that deserve a 5 star rating.

Thank you Ashley for another awesome piece of entertainment.  I will never not read a book written by Ashley Beale.  <3 br="" girl="" ya="">

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