March 9, 2014

Review of FORGIVE ME by Ashley Beale

Forgive MeForgive Me by Ashley Beale

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Dawn

I received an ARC of Forgive Me for an honest review.

Well dang it....Ashley killed it again!  I didn't think it could get any better, but she has blown me away again.  This book is a long lost love story that made my belly flutter and also had me all teary eyed.

Lexi Bennett, the middle child of 5 kids, had a sad childhood.  She felt unloved and uncared for.  She had no friends until Zander Fields came along.  Zander was the light she needed.  They became the best of friends & always spent time together.  However, things took a turn and she was forced to move away.  Ten years later she is "sort of" forced back home to Texas where she thought no one really loved her.  Little did she know the welcome she would get from most, would be loving.  She doesn't show up alone though, she has her 9 year old son in tow.  To see the shocked faces of everyone would be priceless.  As her stay eventually comes to an end, Lexi must decide what she should do.  What's best for her and her son.  It's very heart breaking knowing she may decide to leave and go back home to Ohio even after all of the acceptance from her family.

There was some drama, the banter between some of the characters was awesome, there were many sad moments knowing she would've been accepted back home many years ago, the sex was sizzling and the happy moments had me grinning like a cheshire cat.  I absolutely LOVED everything about this book, which made it very hard to put down.  "Forgive Me" is definitely a MUST READ!!  So add it to your TBR list now.  :)  Thank you Ashley for another AWESOME book!

Forgive Me

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