November 30, 2013

Leanne's Review for Heaven's Sinners by Bella Jewel


Spike is the Leader of the Heavens Sinners Motorcycle Club, he is tough, dangerous and hot!
Ciara is the sister of his deceased wife. But Spikes first true love. Spike and Ciara were best friends.
But after the death of Spike’s wife, they not only drifted… they hated each other.
Spikes heart was broken and he was blamed for the accident, he is consumed with darkness.
He’s not willing to put his heart out there again, it's a pain he's not wanting to feel a second time around. He's believes he deserves a lifetime of being alone and that’s all he’s worthy of……

Ciara is trying to rebuild their old friendship and is unyielding with her attempts. She is gorgeous and persistent but Spike is unwilling to forgive and forget.
After years away Ciara returns for Spike’s forgiveness and to finally confess the love she’s always had for him. But life never turns out the way it does in the movies right?

Can they put the past behind them and move on together?

Reviewed by Leanne

A very raw Story filled with angst, anger, resentment and finally forgiveness.
I thoroughly enjoyed this second book of Bella Jewels.
My heart ached for all that happened to Spike and Ciara, Or Danny and Tom cat as they call each other. They were joined at the hip and best of friends.
While never admitting their feelings for one another Spike starts a relationship with Cheyenne, Ciara’s sister.
Cheyenne is very spiteful and is only with Spike to make her sister jealous which just made me furious. They get married and she is pregnant when involved in a car accident that is caused by Hogan attacking Spike and his motor cycle gang Heavens Sinners. It ends badly and Cheyenne dies.
Ciara blames Spike and a lot of hurtful and malicious words are exchanged that can’t be repaired.
 I feel sorry for Ciara as her parents treat her like it was her fault somehow that Cheyenne died.
So Ciara leaves town…….
When she returns and sees Spike, they still can’t be civil to one another but the spark is still there and it’s undeniable.
“I want to save you. I want that friend that I know is in there. I can’t walk away, Spike. I hate you, and yet I can’t walk away.”
After the tension is too much they can’t fight temptation any longer. The sex is sizzling!
Ciara is feeling happy, yet, confused as Spike is treating her like a piece of meat and trying to detach his feelings, which brings me to tears.
When he finally wakes up to himself I feel like screaming halleluiah.
So many Ups, downs, trials and tribulations and a twist at the end of the book had me on the edge of my seat.
This book deserves 5/5 Stars hands down!
Looking forward to Jacksons Story!

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